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The Ellington Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is led by Chief Jack Rich II.
There are currently 46 active volunteers and 11 life members.


Name Title Member Since
FF Cert. EMS HazMat
Jack Rich II Chief (43) 1992 FO-lV/FSI-II/AO/HSO
EMT Technician
Brendan Burke Assistant Chief (143)   FO-I/FS1/AO EMTB Technician
Robert Smith
Deputy Chief Logistics (243) 1980  FO-I/AO/FSI-I EMR Technician
Karl Neubecker hazmat Deputy Chief Training (343) 2004 FSI-III/FO-IV/AO/HSO EMSI Technician
Tom Adams Captain (443) 1986
FO-I/ FSI-I/PO/AO EMR Technician
Michael Gallagher hazmat Captain (543) 2013 FF-2/FSI-I/FO-I EMR Technician
Cole Pratohazmat Lieutenant (643) 2018 FF-2/FSI-1/PO EMR  Technician 
Jordan Chamberlainhazmat Lieutenant (743) 2016 FF-2 EMT Technician
VACANT Lieutenant (843)        
Michael Varney  hazmat Secretary  1984 FO-II/FSI-II/SO/AO EMT Technician
Elizabeth Feldman  Treasurer 1989  FF-2 EMSI Operational 



(A) Associate Member  (V) Veteran Member
(P) Probationary Member  (J) Junior Member


Name Member
FF Cert. EMS Cert. HazMat Cert.
Valerie Adams 2005   FO-I/FSI-I/PO/AO  EMT Technician 
Kara Bellows (P) 2020      
Tim Bahler 2016 FF- 2  EMT Operational
Fred Bird (A) photog  1988 - - Awareness
Bryan Blotniski (V) diveflags 1989 FSI-I/FO-1 /AO EMT Technician
Steve Breault   FF-2   Operational 
Joe Carillihazmat 2019 FF-2/PO   Technician
Steve Chase (H) 2003 FSI-I - Operational
Dominick Cristelli diveflags 1991 FO-I - Technician
Adam D'Agastino 2019 FF-2   Operational
Richard Daugherty 2001 FF-1 EMR Technician
Robert Federigan (H) 2011 - -- -
Gary Feldman, JR 2008 FF-1   Operational
Gary Feldman,SR   hazmat 1981 FO-IV/FS-2/SO/AO/PO EMT Technician
Jared Fongemiehazmat 2017 FF-2/FSI-l EMR Technician
Kimberly Gambacorta   FF-2/FSI-I EMT Operational
Vince Gambacorta 1975 FO-1 - Technician
Ted Graziani (H) - - - -
Katie Hany 2015  FF-2 EMR  Operational
Peter Hany Jr 2003 FF-2/AO/FSI-I EMT Technician
Nicole Hazzard  2016  FF - 1 EMT  Operational
Greg Larensen 2016  FF - 2 EMR Operational 
Erich Martin hazmat 2016 FF-2/FSl-l/FO-I EMT  Technician
Jake Miceli 2019 FF-2/FSI-lll/FO-lll EMSl  Technician
Kaila Morrow 2019 FF-1 EMR Operational
Doug Parent 2014 FF - 2  EMT Operational 
Jeff Parent 2010 FF-1 - Operational
Daniel Parisi 1989 FF-2 EMR Technician
Keith Ruff 2010 FF-2 EMR Technician
Randy Smith   FF-2   Operational
Noah St. Germainhazmat 2017 FF-2   Technician
Regan Toomeyhazmat 2006 FF-2 EMT Technician
Jack Turner (V) diveflags 1970 FO -2 / FSI-2 / SO / AO / PO   Technician
Dennis Varney (V)fire-police 1971 FF-3 / AO - Awareness
Aaron Virkler hazmat 2017  FF-2  EMT Technician
Frederica Weeks hazmat 1984  FO-2/FSI-2/SO/AO   EMT  Technician

 hazmat = Capital Region Hazmat Team Member  diveflags = Dive Team Member fire-police = Fire Police Member

 Certifications: FSI-# (Fire Service Instructor), FO-# (Fire Officer), PO (Pump Operator), AO (Aerial Operator), SO (Safety Officer) 



Name Member
Arthur Caldwell 1955
Daniel Connors 1962
Jerry Connors 1972
Leonard Descheneaux, Sr 1977
Allan Lawrence, Jr. 1977
Robert Levandoski  
Jack Rich 1977
Robert Sandberg Sr. 1960
Allen Smith  
Kevin Gambacorta   
Jonathan Allen 1978