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May 10, 2019 OR May 11, 2019.

Class will be on EITHER Friday OR Saturday

Sponsored by the Ellington Volunteer Fire Department

Class location  -  Ellington Center Fire House, 29 Main Street, Ellington, CT 06029

Cost:  $85.00  -  Class limited to 10 people per day.

Fire service, police and animal control training credits are available.


Sign in 7:30 hours to 08:30 hours  -  Class from 08:30 hours to 12:30 hours.

This class will assist fire administrators, fire officers, fire inspectors, fire safety officers, fire investigators, police officers/investigators, fire fighters, medical staff, building inspectors, civil engineers, animal control officers or professions that requires the use of a digital camera/telephone/i-pad to record digital images.  The digital device will be gone over completely.  Legal digital requirements will be covered.  THE FULL CAMERA BOOK IS REQUIRED.  If you do not have the full book, go on line and print out the PDF file for your camera instructions.

This class will cover:

The problem with digital cameras is you must determine the needed resolution of the final image prior to the camera purchase. With digital, the final size/quality of the image you will get from any particular camera is dependent on the resolution of the camera you are using or going to purchase. One must understand that you can downscale digital images but you may NOT be able to upscale to the print you need.  Understanding digital cameras can be very confusing.  Many of the camera settings are set on the camera or lens.  Other settings are found in the camera menus. Some cameras may have several different menus.  With digital photography, the camera book is very important. If you need a specific camera function, look in the book index and the book will tell you exactly what menu you need and exactly where the menu is located.  The digital camera instruction book will save your life.  This seminar will take you through your camera and exactly where all the different systems are located and what the systems do for the camera and the image capture process.

We will also discuss close-up photography and have a chance to practice this application.

Cost of class is $85.00 which includes:  Outline, handouts, 18 percent gray card, photographic color guide, Bear-Aide Forensic Mirror, ABF #2 scale and 3 six inch scales (1 white; 1 gray; 1 blue).

Coffee break will be provided.

APPLICATION:  Mail to:    Chief Jack Rich II

                                                P.O. Box 911, Ellington, CT 06029




Telephone #____________________  Department: _____________________

Check enclosed or PO Number.___________ Check payable to Ellington Volunteer Fire Dept.

Check Class Date:

   Either Friday 05/10/19 ____________OR   Saturday 05/11/19______________­­­_

For more information contact:  Frederick Bird – 860-871-0357.

                                                       Assistant Chief Training Karl Neubecker – 860-268-4093.

Applications must be received at Ellington Fire Department by May 1, 2019.

Additional applications and information @ www.ellingtonfire.org



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The Ellington Volunteer Fire Department held its annual awards and recognition banquet on March 2, 2019

At the event, Ellington Volunteer Fire Department recognized the following members for a total of 170 years of volunteer service as listed below:

Allen Smith – 45 years

Jonathan H. Allen – 40 years

Fred Bird -30 years

Robert Levandoski – 20 years

Peter Hany Jr – 15 years

Gary Feldman Jr – 10 years

Michael Gallagher – 5 years

William Petras – 5 years

Noah St.Germain was awarded the Firefighter Training Award in recognition for his dedication to continuing his education in the fire service.

Lieutenant Frederica Weeks was awarded the Officer Training Award in recognition for her dedication to continuing her education in the fire service.

Plaque of Recognition was presented to Homestead Comfort, a local business in recognition for their many years of support to the Ellington Volunteer Fire Department.

Jack Rich II, Brendan Burke, Peter Hany, Jr., Thomas Adams and Kim Gambacorta all received a certificate in recognition for their service as Officers within the organization.

Gary T. Feldman, Sr. was awarded a Speaking Trumpet and recognized for his service as Chief of the Department from May 2014 thru May 2018.

Noah St. Germain

was awarded the EVFD 2018 Firefighter of the Year Award